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Grinding & Polishing

Grinding and polishing are two versatile treatments to consider for your concrete.

Have an existing coating on your concrete? Diamond grinding is a great option for you! This treatment is great for removing coatings, glue, and mortar beds allowing your concrete to get a fresh start for a new coating or finish. Worried about all the dust? We use the latest technology available in our vacuum systems.

Looking for a long-lasting, super-durable finish? Polishing is just that! Many big-box retailers use polishing as their concrete finish of choice and it one of the fastest-growing methods of preparing floors in the industry. While a well-done polish looks great on its own, decorative dyes or stains can be added to further enhance the beauty of your floor.

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Our goal is to make concrete beautiful. Wet areas, high traffic areas, indoor, outdoor, cracked, old, or just plain ugly – we have a solution for your concrete problems.